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What are Cancer Alliances?

Cancer Alliances bring together clinical and managerial leaders from different hospital trusts and other health and social care organisations to deliver the five year cancer strategy . There are 21 Cancer Alliances across the country and these partnerships enable care to be more effectively planned across cancer pathways. Cancer Alliances look at the care and support patients should expect to receive from diagnosis to follow-up support across whole populations of patients, so they can address variations in care and implement best practice.

NHS England Cancer Transformation Fund

NHS England provides Cancer Alliances with funding, support and guidance to transform the diagnosis, treatment and care for cancer patients in their local area.   NHS England has confirmed funding of over £600 million to support delivery of the strategy which has been set out clearly for four years to 2020/21.

The Cancer Alliances in London – working together to improve support for people with cancer

There are four cancer Alliances in London:

  • North Central London Cancer Alliance
  • North East London Cancer Alliance
  • RM Partners, West London Cancer Alliance
  • South East London Accountable Cancer Network

Using NHSE cancer transformation funding, the 4 Cancer Alliances in London have been working in partnership to focus on delivering improvements in personalised cancer care within London and for the national population that London serves.  The reason for this is that more people than ever are living with and beyond cancer but many are living with the impacts of the disease or treatments. Our joined aim is to ensure that care and support is available for people to access as needed and that individuals living with or after cancer are confident and able to manage their health and wellbeing. As part of this aim, the Cancer Alliances in London are maintaining this website.

The aims of the website are to:

  • Ensure clinical teams, patients and carers are aware of where and when upcoming relevant HWBEs are being held, the availability of places, and can make referrals to access those events.
  • Support Healthcare Professionals in referring patients to suitable events, and support Patients in making choices about their ongoing care
  • Provide a comprehensive directory of events being run across London
  • Inform the public about what Health and Wellbeing Events are, how they can benefit from them and that they are entitled to access them.
  • Increase provision and engagement with the events across London with the least resource requirement from clinicians and other NHS staff.
  • Signpost people interested in attending or providing events to other useful information.

We hope that you find this website useful. Please use the links below to notify us about events that you are running in your area or to ask questions or provide feedback about this site.

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