Cancer Wellbeing London

Cancer Wellbeing London

Routes to living well with and beyond cancer

Use this site to find Health and Wellbeing Events in your area, watch videos about health and wellbeing topics and find out more about the provision being offered across London.


  • Ensure clinical teams, patients and carers are aware of where and when upcoming relevant Health and Wellbeing Events (HWBEs) are being held, the availability of places, and can make referrals to access those events.
  • Support Healthcare Professionals in referring patients to suitable events, and support Patients in making choices about their ongoing care.
  • Provide a comprehensive directory of events being run across London.
  • Inform the public about what Health and Wellbeing Events are, how they can benefit from them and that they are entitled to access them.
  • Increase provision and engagement with the events across London with the least resource requirement from clinicians and other NHS staff.
  • Signpost people interested in attending or providing events to other useful information.


Health and wellbeing events provide an opportunity to inform and educate patients about the clinical and holistic aspects and the ongoing management of their health.

They also serve to impart information about local facilities, supportive care and opportunities that are available to individuals and their families.

Search for upcoming Health and Wellbeing events that suit your criteria with our handy search tool.

Education and support sessions providing those living with or beyond cancer with information to live as healthily and actively as possible during or after cancer treatment.

Find a selection of useful videos and guides on how to help yourself live better with and beyond cancer, along with links to reliable sources of information.

If you are an event provider and wish for your event to be displayed on the website – simply complete the form in the link below. Once approved, it will be published on the website.

Cancer Care Map is a free online directory of cancer support services in UK, this map offers a wide range of services in your local area and nationally which could help support your or your loved ones needs. 

For futher information:  

“I found the session informative and helpful especially eating well, exercise, complementary therapy and the care planning”


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